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"I finished speaking with…

i don’t know this guy nor his group but YOU GO LEADER COCO do your thang omfg


I don’t know what he’s fixing, but mine just broke.


I don’t know what he’s fixing, but mine just broke.

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i just fucking wanted the one

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More Disney Parks facts here


But how could you leave out this


that last one is the most important one wow

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Anonymous said: omg that 2pm post hahahahaaaaa thank you for always making me laugh shizzy





Seal with a data-logger on it’s head. [x]

I’ve been laughing for about 20 minutes now




Seal with a data-logger on it’s head. [x]


I’ve been laughing for about 20 minutes now


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Ok so I have a few questions on my Ask box about my thoughts regarding 2PM comeback, so I figured I’d just address them all at once.

Those of you who’d followed my blog for a while must have known that I’ve been their fans for quite a long time now. Well, I may not be the “best of fans” since I hardly make an effort to watch their concert or actively praise them on social media, but I think those are due to the fact that I live in a middle of Pacific Ocean and that I have a special way of stanning my lovely boys,

… making fun of their dickery, of course.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still flail whenever I come across a lovely picture of Chansung or when I heard that Wooyoung had gotten “married” (I always see him as a trophy husband tbh) and actually didn’t get his whiny ass divorced in the first 2 weeks. But quite frankly it was safe to say that I was barely updated with the kind of shizz they were up to. So when I heard about their Go Crazy comeback, you could imagine my excitement.

My tits could not be calmed, or to put in better words, my mammaries calamities could never be undone.  

The song is my jam, and when I found out that they were going to be drunk again, I was like…FUCK. YES. DrunkPM is so fun.

But then I watched their first live performance……and saw this sequin pink fairy

imageDAFUQ R U WEARING SON??? It’s so goddamn sparkly and dangerously blinding, it could have produced a UV light. 

imageThis mofo is so clueless looking…but I hope he’s well aware that he’s now become the sole reason behind earth’s ozone depletion kthxwooyoung

After a painful visit to an optometrist, I finally gained some hope on this guy when I saw his new hair.

Isn’t it kind of WTF-ish in an awesome kind of way? Look at it….. imageit’s like soft serve ice cream meets horse mane. 

Although pls maintain coz it seems like yo hurrr is tryina get away from you, Jang Wooyoung.image"Because You’re Worth It".jpg

And also, can somebody please help this poor child because it seemed like he may have been attackedimage

Now, I need to talk about Khun because I need to know whatever anti-aging cream he’s using. image

Like, goddamn, has he been going against the nature’s way and actually… *gasp*

I mean, sometimes I forgot how gorgeous Khun is irl and despite of his occasional questionable choices in life such as this hairstyle: image

this pose:image

and this approach on womenfolk: imagethis is legit a “Surprise, bitch!!!” moment omg Khun wtf

You can’t deny how time has really done him well.


Actually, time has been really kind to every single member. They’ve matured into such handsome and sexy ahjussi. Ok maaaybe pre-ahjussi, alrite? They’re not even 30 yet but in idol wohrllll full of fresh fetuses debuting every 2 seconds, 2pm /ARE/ old fartses, you can’t even deny it.

I surprisingly think Taecyeon looks the best that he’s ever been. Still derpy as fuck, no doubt about it, but he looks STUNNING now:image

okay wait, wrong picture.

Here: image

My panties has voluntarily dropped to the floor and flung itself out of the window all the way to outerspace okayyyyy hdu Taec ugh

Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I’m glad that 2pm is back, and that they seem so happy and carefree. Literally, they look like they do whatever the hell they wanna do on stage.

They used to have such complicated and precise choreo, imageimageimageimageimage

Now they’re just 

imagevroom vroom motherfucker……….

And what message is this fuckery supposed to convey?image

I mean, look at these two weirdos: image Da hell is that strange movement Chansung did?? It resembles something from Drunken Kung Fu Master and it’s making me nervous. In addition to that, he looked entirely possessed throughout the performance.image

That is legit terrifying jfc… props for Taecyeon for not ditching his rap and running away from him. Pls contain, Hwang Chansung. And stop drinking booze before going on stage for fuck’s sake.

Also speaking of Chansung, not sure if I like him blond too much…but hey, I forgive him since I have a soft spot for the kid and he’s forever oblivious about his own face. imageNever change, ok? ilu

Junbros are the gears that get 2pm going imo. So proud of Jun.K with everything he’s achieved and the fact that he has his own class. I think out of everyone, Jun.K was the one who found his moxie the most…if that makes sense to you. He’s just………got it. image

Plus he’s also looking so fine nowadays so YAS BITCH YASSSSSS

One question I’ve been meaning to ask Lee Junho, though, imageimageimage

DID YOU THINK I WOULDN’T NOTICE THIS??? ohohohohoh u kinky u

k and I’m out.


Sean Bean dies in everything because it’s the universe trying to correct the hole ripped in it due to the fact that his name doesn’t rhyme when it should

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