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2PMagreement211: Ah, and also at the end of the concert during the encore, I suddenly wanted to wear the red wig.. after taking Hwayoung Nuna’s suggestion.. actually, I tried it during the rehearsal.. the reaction was quite good.. it was fun.. and though no matter who sees this.. they’ll mistake me for some weird kid but, it is true.. which is me.. Keke (tweet was deleted)

2PMagreement211: Heot, I just got informed by the staff. Because I was crazy and wasn’t really thinking straight on a specific part, sorry but I’ll have to put down the Matilda picture.. ㅠㅠ I’m sorry!

2PMagreement211:  Instead, how about this..^^? Good night!! What do you think about this~~^^?

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"…though no matter who sees this.. they’ll mistake me for some weird kid…" 




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My majestic Two Towers

My majestic Two Towers

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rosehee13 said: Madame, Would you mind educating me on the four lovelies Junsu, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and Chansung??? teach me the ways of their sexiness please

Ok first of all, don’t call me Madame…

Call me oppa. 

jk lmfao no i am not kidding


Well, I’m not sure how familiar you are with 2PM but if you’re confused about one particular guy who looked different in a span of 3 years since debut, you’re probably looking at Junsu because his face had changed annually for some weird reasons. He also changed his name now to Minjun. And no, he’s not a criminal although it’d make a total sense for his regular alteration of identity. Junsu is the oldest one now, he’s also the most independent, if I may use the word…as he doesn’t seem to like hanging out with the rest of the boys during his free time. He was also the last one in 2PM to show abs, so when he tweeted this pic image all hell broke loose and Hottest around the world started weeping in jubilation for the fact that Junsu’s body turned out to be perfectly normal (aka he did not possess a third nipple).

His charm would be his voice, obviously, and also his broad shoulder that is the size of minivan. Aside from that, he’s also a funny guy; and despite the fact that he was somehow an outcast in the earlier years, Junsu had somewhat found his place when it comes to 2pm and reality show. He’d become the only “normal” one and sometimes edging to the “old/grandpa” territory. Nevertheless, he is a good looking kid with a bone-chilling voice and remarkable fashion sense image i mean what? He’s also random and weird…and sometimes likes to touch other members inappropriately imageimageimageimage and his relationship with his former roommate is pretty much like this image. If those things put you off, just look at his face okimage it’s beautiful.


Ugh don’t let this guy’s exterior fool you ok coz he might look like this imagebut in reality he’s a huge dork with stupid grin and a chronic cat-drawing obsession. He’s also greasy as fuck image,thinks it’s okay for a guy his size to be doing somethings like this imageHe’s also INSANELY GOOD LOOKING and SEXY when he’s not all embarrassing imageimage…but unfortunately most of the times you would look at him and think, “Holy shit he is so hottt” and be forced to re-think your judgment almost immediately. Don’t believe me? Check this out: image image imagelike WTF IS WRONG WITCHU?

…well to be fair, tho, sometimes it happens in reverse too imageso idk. He’s confusing. Taec is an unsolved mystery. I’ve stanned 2PM for 3 years and I don’t think I’ve got him all figured out just yet. What I know for sure is that he is such a troll and he does weird shit that I don’t think any idol’s supposed to be doing image imageimageimage…it’s hard not to like him, isn’t it? lmao 


Wooyoung is 5 going on 6. JK he’s legal but there were times he looked like a toddler and he whines a lot imageimage ….dis PMSing bish.

People seemed to forget how he was the one who won Kpop Star dance competition, excelling thousands of other competitors. What we mostly see is the sassy, witty side of him…which absolutely adorable imageimageimageugh don’t you just wanna hit him with a rake?!?!? He’s so cute.

I’m not sure what’s the deal here but it seemed they like to dress him as a girl, perhaps due to his catty attitude…and I have to say he disturbingly fits into the role quite well. imageimageimageimage 

Recently, tho, he’s reached puberty become a man. A HOT man. He looks like this imageimageeven managing to look immensely hot while attempting to read Hieroglyph…idkimageI mean, SRSLY WOWWWW, what the hell happened!!!! For some kid who looked like this imagethat is such a major upgrade donchu think?


He’s my bias and I think Chansung is such complex character. Taecyeon might be bipolar but Chansung is multipolar. Okay maybe there’s no such thing, but ykwim. He’s a big goof with hot bod and although he appears as dumb as soup, Chansung likes to listen to self-motivating audio books and he would tweet his thought, giving  international translators a hard time because he more or less writes a novel when he tweets. Deep, meaningful, soul-searching diction and terminology. But then when you see him, he’d look like this imageimageimageimageimage …I mean image how dumb can he get omg lmao

However as soon as he takes off his shirt, I can guarantee you will be so blinded by his beauty that nothing else matters. Here are some of my favorite sexy Chansung pics: imageimageimageimageimage

marry me ok.  

Anyway, I hope that answers your demand…if it’s not enough you may check out this, this, and this :)  

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wooyoung r u ok

wooyoung r u ok

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